10 Views of the Body with Martín Piliponsky

Today we speak with @martinpili. Martín is an architect, dancer and teacher in Dance and Improvisation. His beginnings began with Jewish Folk Dance and sports. He trained and honed his skills independently in the USA, Europe and Argentina; with teachers such as Kirstie Simson, David Zambrano, Gustavo Lesgart, Lisa Nelson, Katie Duck, Mark Tompkins, Benoit Lachambre, Thomas Hauert, Angels Margarit, among others. More about him you will find on his website: www.martinpiliponsky.com.

"The more you love your body, the less you need others to like it."

What does this phrase mean to you?
I don’t know if I agree very much with the phrase, I always say that language is short to explain “reasons, states or sensations” of the body. Love is also a synthesis of experiences that we find it difficult to understand rationally. In the past, scientists defined love as the attraction of bodies to the earth, in a kind of poetry that seeks to name the effect of gravity … and without that gravity, which unites us with the earth, in everything material that has weight and floats like the earth in the universe, without that we cannot love each other. The body embodies the past and fosters the future, but it is always present. I believe that whoever is in relation to that loves his own body consequently to that of humanity. The gaze of others in that case corroborates the internal space that one creates.

What does your body mean to you?
My body is my channel, my way of materializing the present time, precisely that time that science (or reason) cannot define. My body is the conduit of my experience, the way of gestating and articulating my desire. Movement is a wonderful consequence of life, which mutates and therefore transcends.

Martín PiliponskyWhat do you mean by the word “body”?
I understand it as the set of parts that manage to connect me to life, through sensations and feeling. The body channels energy, transforms it by heat, by desire and need in movement. It materializes it. The body is only corpse, the body that has a soul, spirit is then human or animal. Its alive. Therefore the body is the container of my own desire, the container of humanity that carries the history of my ancestors. From the past. Of the one who requires me to open it, listen to it and honor it to allow time to pass and the life of its passage to continue in its evolution.

How do you think modern life and society affect the body and health?
Society is the body. In it resides humanity and its history, also common sense: it is there where the individual becomes social, in the recognition of his own matter and above all in the need to unite, to become whole. You cannot recognize yourself alone, you can only do it in relationship. Adolf Huxley, said: “We live, act and react on each other, but always and in all circumstances we are alone”. I think that here lies the social, the common. Today that we live in times of pandemic and the meaning of the word tells us: Union between peoples, precisely when the edges and limits of our nations or states are closed and we must stay at home. However today humanity is united in a common sense, by the way, quite depressed, but united in the end.

Modern life, on the other hand, does not stop being different except for formats or ways of continuing to allow life to be. I mean, violence was always violence at all times, just like love was love at all times. I trust that life always seeks its channel and finds it. Because death, in the end, is always part of the way. THE BODY ALWAYS WANTS TO HEAL. I repeat in my class that when the body decides to die, it will die. Now, I think that the greatest violence of our modernity is not accepting this. I mean to continue naturalizing violence, that is something that we cannot continue to accept. The violence that resides in each of us, the one that we can first recognize in ourselves in order to stop it, denounce it or help it dissipate, circulate and not remain in our body making us sick. Because we all engender that, we all bring that violence from birth. Being born itself is an “extremely violent” act, we shouted at birth, in that tear of life. In that open-mouthed complaint that is expressed when leaving the mother’s womb. We are all born of a mother, of a female body. Every human being comes from the feminine, how can it still be that we continue talking about genders that determine us as humans, so much fear are we of what we cannot name? We do so much damage to what we catalog to define. Violence resides here, in the unknown. In what is outside and that separates us from life, from creativity and from love.

What does the word “conscience” mean to you?
Consciousness is that capacity that we have to allow experience, through sensations, to manifest itself and it is precisely who brings us knowledge. I say this because today we live in a time where the world “knows” more than ever. We have never had as much information on existence as we do today. However, that is not knowing, it is only information. But, those who are in the task of experiencing life through a consciousness that involves the physical, material body, will be able to transform that knowledge, that information into knowledge. If it is not processed through material consciousness, it is not transformed. It is alien to life, alien to experience and that is very sad. The origin of our knowledge resides internally, in the way that our consciousness becomes matter. If we combine that information with practices, experiences and situations that make us materialize that consciousness, life takes place, takes on an intuitive, creative meaning, evolves in nature and not in force. It is ultimately the recognition of the abundance of all the energy that resides in each one of us and outside of us, on the planet, in all things. That is what consciousness is for.

How would you define the concept of “nutrition”?
Everything that gives us sustenance to live. Foundation of life. Being in relation to our desire will basically guide us in relation. I mean we can let him guide us and reveal our need… I just get up in the morning because I know I can have my coffee with milk, which, there are times I repeat!

Is it just about food, or does it have to do with something else?
Desire manifests itself in all directions, like a light bulb, you turn it on and it goes off in the multidirectional space! Desire is heat … nothing on this planet moves if not for heat. Food is only a fundamental part of life, but it is not the only thing. Nourish yourself in all directions, in what you see, smell, feel, read, etc. all that makes our spirit into our lives. But do not confuse the healthy with the toxic, life and death go hand in hand, our body needs both, good and bad to function!

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