Special Workshop Series

for Communities and Online

Let us cultivate a profound understanding of the intricate interplay between connection and musicality. With dedication and perseverance, we can unlock new levels of creativity and fluidity in our dancing while remaining deeply connected with our partners. By being attuned to both our partner and the rhythm of the music, we can become skilled and expressive dancers who move as one with the music. Let us embark on this journey together to become masterful followers who dance with creativity and connection.  This series of classes is a journey through body awareness, technique, and musicality. Contact for booking.

Tango Is Connection

A dialogue in motion. One in which we can connect with ourselves, another, the music and our surroundings. 

Together with Special Guest Teachers, We Offer:

  • Individual classes 
  • Group classes
  • Small groups 
  • Shows & Events

10 Views of Our Bodies is a side project from Move to Create together with dancers, actors, yogis and doctors, all people with extensive experience in bodywork. The idea came from a quote that sparked a discussion about what is the meaning of our bodies, to ourselves and in society. What can they teach us about body image?

The diversity of answers for these questions has been fascinating and enlightening to me and I am excited to share these explorations with you.
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A collaboration between Virginia Vasconi ( ) and Lya Elcagu dedicated to helping you express your art on the move. Develop body awareness through connecting yoga in tango and tango in yoga. The benefits of these connections are huge! Dance and move more comfortable and more naturally, with more freedom and flow. Virginia Vasconi has been dancing and performing tango since 2000, teaching professionally since 2008 and was the performing dance partner of Julio Balamaceda, who performed in the show that started it all, the original Tango Argentino Broadway and touring company. Learn more at:

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A new tango school currently operating online featuring ex-staff of the famous DNI School of Tango of Buenos Aires. Learn more at: