"Your sensitive and profound approach to movement, learning, sensing and creating movement has inspired me a lot. Thank you."

Werner T.
Freiburg, Germany

"Lya can lead you through body dynamics and body awareness step-by-step to feel the roots of movement and axis alignment. Going through her process of teaching, my tango transformed to another level."

Mirjam K.
Ljubljana, Slovenia

"Thank you yet again for offering us classes of such high quality. I appreciate so much how each exercise is carefully structured and presented. I feel very fortunate to be able to attend."

Marly H.
Vancouver, Canada

Current Events:

Canadian Tour March - April 2024

Vancouver / Salt Spring / Victoria / Montreal

Europe June 2024

USA August - Sept 2024

Weekly Tango Class at El Metejón

Each week a new topic - Technique and Musicality. For intermediate and advanced dancers.

Get to know the music as a compass and map for greater enjoyment on the dance floor.

How can we use music with the knowledge we have to generate a richer dance without going to difficult structures.

Tango Group class – Level Intermediate/Advanced. Class series at La Metejón, Juan Ramirez de Velasco 55, CABA, Buenos Aires. Every Saturday night from 8pm – 10pm.

Art In Motion - Video Classes On-Demand

Through integrated, on-demand yoga & tango video series. exercises you will learn new language for boosting your ability to remember, recall and understand new tango movement vocabulary in your body!

Applying it to Tango you discover the deep connection it has with easy and fluid but powerful movement to reach a better and more joyful dance!

▪︎ 4 videos in English & Spanish
▪︎ 1 hour classes on demand

Visit to purchase any of the 4 special topic videos that we made for you.

Express your art on the move. Develop body awareness through connecting yoga in tango and tango in yoga. The benefits of these connections are huge! Dance and move more comfortable and more naturally, with more freedom and flow. Improve your fundamentals in Posture, Alignment, Back & Front Ocho, Boleos and Turns.

We are Virginia Vasconi and Lya Elcagu, creators of Art in Motion. This training is a new, integrative proposal, in order to better express your movement and your Tango. We approach the technique from the body’s own biomechanics to help you move healthier, more naturally, powerfully, more stable and organically.

Visit to purchase any of the 4 special topic videos that we made for you!

Or to rent you will find all of the videos on

Past Events 

Canadian Tour Nov - Dec 2023

Join me Nov 21 - Dec 9, 2023

▪︎ Nov 21 - 30 - Montreal: Click Here to Reserve
▪︎ Dec 1 - Dec 5 - Quebec City: Click to email for more information
▪︎ Dec 6 - Dec 9 - Montreal: Click Here to Reserve

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