Experience and Training

Experience and Training

International Tours (Teaching and performing Tango Argentino) since 2018 in Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Canada and Sweden

Continuing Education: Working and Studying with internationally known Tango Professionals, Contemporary and Yoga Classes

Semifinalist of the Metropolitano Championship, Buenos Aires Argentina

2021 -2023
Regular Tango Group Classes together with profesional Tango Teachers
La Catedral and El Metejon in Buenos Aires

2017 – now
Regular Yoga for Dancer Classes, Development of the Dance Your Flow – Yoga applied to Tango Classes2020

Creater of Art in Motion together with the international celebrated Tango Dancer Virginia Vasconi

Special Invitation to teach Yoga for https://www.relajemos.com/

2018 – 2021
Achieving of advanced Yoga Certification, 500 CYT, Ananda Yoga Buenos Aires

2018 – now
Creating of Special Workshop Series together with different Tango Dancers
Tango – Cuerpo – Movimiento, a special Tango Investigation Seminar together with Dulce Lauria
Special Online Tango Seminars together with international celebrated Tango Teachers such as Carlos Boeri, Rocio Liquid, Delfina Pissani, Laura Sidera
Tango Exploration (Perception & Creation) together with Virginia Cutillo
Enjoying the embrace together with Marco Celentano
Logotango – Therapy & Tango together with Therapist (a Special Workshop Series)

Finalist of the Championship “Mujeres en el rol Conductor”, Requetefusa Milonga, Buenos Aires

2017 – now
Regular invitation as guest Tango Teacher in Buenos Aires and online
Muy Lunes, Pre Milonga Class
Cachivacheria, Pre Milonga Class
Cultura Tango, Special Workshop Series
Tango para Dos, a Special Group Class edition together with Pablo Ponce
Espacio Cultural Resurgimiento, Special Edition together with Oscar Garcia
Embodied Movement Class Series,
Whole Living Center, Boston
La Fuente Tango Weekend, Special Online Weekend
Pivots & Twists, Online Seminar with Carlos Boeri

Dance Performance at the 15 Encuentro Patagonico de Tango, San Martin de los Andes, Argentina (an important Festival in the South of Argentina, organized by Marcos Aviles y Analia Braun)

2016 – now
Regular Invitations for Dance Performances at important Milongas in Buenos Aires
(Club Aleman, Porteño & Bailarín, Sonrisas Milonga, Alsina Tango Club, Abrazo Tango Club, La Comedia, La Tremenda, El Batacazo, Discepolo Milonga, Si Tango, El Fulgor, Maldita Milonga, Milonga del ChauChe, el Motivo Tango, Muy Lunes, Milonga de Oliverio, and more)

Dance Member of the Play “Dos lo que se disvuelve”, created by Dana Frigoli (2 seasons) https://www.alternativateatral.com/obra39324-dos-lo-que-se-disuelve

2014 – 2020
Staff Member of DNI Tango School in Buenos Aires, Member of the DNI Tango Dance Company

Education & Work Experience
Worked under the supervision of the Tango School Director Dana Frigoli. Delivered thousands of hours of teaching tango students (private and group lessons). Was the coordinator of the Club Tango 101 (coordination of the quality of the beginner classes, coordination of activities for the club). Participated in dance plays of the DNI Tango Dance Company.

Permanent Yoga Teacher for the schools Yoga for Dancer classes. Regular formation in Tango, Contemporary Dance, Theatre and Pedagogical Training.

2008 – 2010 Teachers Certification – Bellydance, Khaled Seif, Zurich, Switzerland

2007 – 2011
Degree in Social Work with post degree in Coaching – University of Applied Science, Zurich Switzerland

Degree in Social Work with postdegree in Coaching - University of Applied Science, Zurich, Switzerland

Teacher’s Certification - Bellydance (2 year program) - Khaled Saif, Zurich, Switzerland/France.

5 years teaching on permanent staff of DNI School of Tango, Buenos Aires Argentina.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series Certification - Fernanda Miralles, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Vinyasa & Biomechanics Certification - Maas Yoga, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hatha Yoga & Biomechanics Certification - Ananda Yoga, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Yoga Therapy - 300-Hour CYT Teacher Certification in Pathology - Ananda Yoga, Buenos Aires, Argentina

500-Hour CYT Yoga Teacher Certification - Ananda Yoga - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Continuing Education:

Release Classes - Melina Seldes - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Regular Tango Rehearsal and Classes with Various Tango Professionals - Buenos Aires, Argentina

"Dance is the hidden language of the soul.” - Martha Graham
"The body says what words cannot.” - Martha Graham

"Your patience, dedication, knowledge and quality, without losing rigorousness in your corrections, is difficult to find...highly recommended."
Juliana L.
Buenos Aires, Argentina