About Me

Lya has been dancing Tango since 2009 when she traveled the first time to Argentina. She happened to see a Tango street performance and immediately felt a strong connection to this wordless and deep dance.

Her dance journey began as a little girl in Zürich with ballet & jazz, and later Oriental Dance and studied later Social Work and Coaching, which took her understanding in methodology of teaching to a deeper level.

In 2012 she moved to Buenos Aires to study dance, understanding more about the culture and in generally to soak up tango.


Within a few years, she was teaching tango professionally at the DNI Tango School in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which was one of the most respected Argentine tango schools in the world. She danced in show productions created by the school's director and internationally recognized choreographer Dana Frigoli and later Melina Brufman for the DNI Tango Company and exhibited in Milongas in Buenos Aires and on international tours abroad.

Nowadays she is an internationally renowned Argentine tango instructor and performer and has competed in prestigious professional Argentine tango competitions with great success, placing as a Semifinalist in the Campeonato de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires 2023 and a Finalist in the Campeonato para Mujeres en el rol Conductor 2018. 

Her background in advanced yoga studies (500+hrs CYT certified), along with training in other disciplines as Contemporary Dance/Release and Pilates took her understanding about the body and movements to an unique high level, for which she is well known and has been invited as a touring teacher in many countries. Through her ability to dance both roles (follow & lead) she has also been invited as en asesorar for teachers in communities to help to built up teaching concepts for their students. 

Based on her experience and understanding about the body, she developed the Dance Your Flow Classes, where she works on body awareness, alignment and anatomy of movements through Yoga applied to important Tango Concepts and Structures. 

Her main goal in teaching nowadays is to refine Tango steps and the flow of their movement in order to give you an understanding of motion that is independent of whichever tango style you choose.


“There is a universal language in which all people everywhere can express themselves and understand one another. It is the language of movement…(t)he art of body movement is dance. It is the primary art because everything we do involves movement.”  – Barbara Mettler

"I am a witness of the amount of bodies - minds - spirits (including myself!) that Lya has touched with incredible love and subtlety in the activities she proposes...If you are dance-oriented, from her solid background in dance and yoga she will offer you a wide range of tools to help you move organically and healthily. What is more, she'll make apparently complex mechanisms very simple to understand!"
Dulce L.
Professional Tango Teacher, Buenos Aires, Argentina
"It’s the subtleties that can change the whole level of your dance, Lya takes these and expands upon them in a gentle, detailed and really fun way."
Sanna P.
Victoria, Canada

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