Tango Argentino

Private Sessions:

It's all about you: let's go deeply into your dance to encounter the inner art of tango. Through techniques of organic movement, we will discover confidence, ease, elegance, musicality and creativity.

There are many forms of dancing tango. My goal is to give you the body awareness to adapt your dance to different tango styles. My roots are in Tango Argentino and the technique that I teach is based on Social Tango along with deep knowledge of Tango Nuevo, show dancing, as well as decades of teaching experience. I invite you to discover this magical dance with me and fall in love with the beauty of your own movements.

All sales are final, and will not be refunded unless instructor cancels the session. In the case that the instructor cancels, the student will be fully refunded. If the student cancels with LESS than 48 hours before the planned session, the student will NOT be refunded nor rescheduled. If the student cancels with MORE than 48 hours before the planned session, they ARE able to reschedule a new session within the instructor’s availability.

Milonga Exhibition, Buenos Aires. Foto: Hernan Blanco
Seres Materiales - DNI Dance Company - stage show 2019

DNI Dance Company “Seres Materiales.” Foto: Evelina

The magical dance.
It’s not only so easy to get hooked on but also so easy to get tangled up in tango. We will take a simple, clear approach from dance science, biomechanics and yoga concepts to understand the game of tango — and how simple it can be.

On this journey, I invite you to connect with how to inhabit your body with more awareness for more pleasure at the moment of sharing and to achieve a healthy execution of movement. I work on body awareness, alignment and anatomy of movement, mixed with other dance techniques that focus on breathing, muscle relaxation and the use of gravity and momentum to facilitate efficient movement. The goal is to refine Tango steps and the flow of their movement and to give you an understanding of motion that is independent of whichever tango style you choose.

I have been teaching dance for over 15 years, including studying with a broad variety of teachers in Buenos Aires. I received my deepest training during 5 years on teaching staff at DNI School of Tango in Buenos Aires, including performance and participation in professional tango-based stage shows with DNI Dance Company, directed by Dana Frigoli and Melina Brufman. At the school I delivered thousands of hours of teaching tango students. Through this and my extensive studies in other dance disciplines, including ongoing yoga and biomechanics training, I have been able to combine, simplify, and deepen the shared knowledge they contain.

"Lya is able to see and feel what you need, how to work with it, and how to make you a little better each day. I love working with her, she teaches me so much about the perception of my body and I continue learning every day. I recommend her!"
Iva F.
Lausanne, Switzerland

Why Private Lessons? A private session will be designed exactly for you, on your schedule: your needs and wishes for your dance, addressing your unique challenges in how you are moving and dancing. You can receive benefits from specific work on your posture and dancing, and are able to ask many more questions. It is simply the fastest way to stellar dances.

Why Online? Aside from the flexible hours and zero travel necessary to study in the comfort of your home, solo online classes allow you to study your own movements, connecting you better with your own axis, body weight and dance technique. Classes for dance pairs offer the possibility to really start to listen to the partner deeply, through different guided exercises in connection and technique.

Teaching Gallery:

"Thank you yet again for offering us classes of such high quality. I appreciate so much how each exercise is carefully structured and presented. I feel very fortunate to be able to attend."
Marly H.
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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