Let Movement Brighten Your Day

Let Movement Brighten Your Day

Join me on this journey of discovering organic and joyful movement. Let's explore new possibilities to dance and feel more comfortable in your tango and body!


There are many forms of dancing tango. Discover the body awareness and dance skills to adapt your dance to different tango styles.


If there are significant body structures variations, a greater adaptation is required by both partners. Yoga applied to tango helps align and strengthen your body!


Upgrade your skillset. Classes and Special Events crafted to help you deepen your dance skills, abilities and vocabulary. 

What is Move to Create About?

 We all want to feel comfortable in our bodies and confident in our dance. I aim to help you experience the vitality that comes from moving in consciousness, my approach guides you as you are now to healthy, balanced and organic movement. 

Lya is founder of Move to Create, dedicated to transforming old movement patterns in your tango into healthy, comfortable and joyful execution.

“You cannot always control what goes on outside, but you can always control what goes on inside.” – B.K.S. Iyengar


"Studying with Lya allows you to enter a world of self-knowledge and well-being. Her classes combine great technical depth with a unique perception so that, through your strengths, you can consciously improve your relationship with your body."
Rocio L.
Professional Tango Dancer, Buenos Aires, Argentina
"Super exciting and I highly recommend it to all those who, for different reasons, spend a lot of time sitting, and to all dancers who want to deepen their technique and knowledge of the body...(t)hanks to her experience, knowledge of biomechanics, love of teaching and the great desire to help, you get to feel the body more deeply, open it and achieve mobility and strength in postures, which seemed impossible."
Katia S.
Tango Teacher, Kazan, Russian Federation
"I’ve been working on refining my tango balance for many, many years with many different kinds of body work practitioners. My very first lesson with Lya gave me the piece that I didn’t know was missing. She is a master teacher (and I know, because I was one myself) and what she teaches is the cleanest and smoothest tango I’ve ever seen."
Antoinette O.
Victoria, Canada
"So good. It's perfect for my challenged body and hip...I love how detailed you are about the forms."
Justyn L.
Portland, USA
"You are an ideal combination of dedication to good technique and encouraging positivity."
Michael W.
Vancouver, Canada
"Lya is such a gifted and caring teacher! Her deep knowledge of the workings of the body always amazes me. She is very perceptive, and masterfully creates individualized lesson plans to address the unique needs of her students. Her group and private lessons have improved my dancing, and my ability to move with ease and grace. I have become stronger, more grounded and more connected to my body by working with Lya. Highly recommended!"
Emilia S.
Boston, USA
"For me, self care is working with you Lya Elcagu! I love the way that after every lesson I feel my boleos being smoother, my back step being more stable, my disassociation happening 'on its own.' Thank you for this!"
Raluca B.
Heraklion, Greece