10 Views of the Body with Melina Seldes

Today we speak with @melinaseldes – International Performance Artist, Researcher & Teacher. You can find out more about Melina at http://melinaseldes.com.

"The more you love your body, the less you need others to like it."

What does this phrase mean to you?
It is not a phrase that particularly inspires me, I believe that one is in relation to others. And that the possibility of loving oneself / loving the body is strongly a link with oneself and with how one sees others.

What does your body mean to you?
My body is my greatest companion, limit, container, and container to be in the world. It is a great voice of sensations.

What do you mean by the word “body”?
Thing, volume, occupying space, complexity.

How do you think modern life and society affect the body and health?
Ufff, this is a very complex question. I do not believe that a body exists without being affected by its context (society and whatever life is).
In terms of health, I think it is a very sensitive area to speak so simply.
I certainly believe that the way we live directly affects our health for better and for worse. Just as there are causalities that are unavoidable.

What does the word “conscience” mean to you?
Consciousness is that possibility of being able to observe what happens to us, and on the one hand it allows us to understand and occasionally modify some of our behavior and decisions and on the other hand it takes away the possibility of throwing ourselves away.

How would you define the concept of “nutrition”? Is it just about food, or does it have to do with something else?
I relate nutrition to what is nutritious, with what gives life, what it contains. From now on, food is fundamental, but also rest, sensuality, words, water and everything that encourages vitality.

Art: @_dinka_kartinka_