10 Views of the Body with Justyn Livingston

Today with Justyn from BraveSoulsProject! Justyn’s project is about creating calm through self-empowerment, transforming fear into creative opportunity.

What does this quote mean to you?

A. When I feel good in my body inside and out – I can express my true self. That is my definition of beauty (or reverence for life). When I embody my best and truest self, I feel beautiful. Some may see it and connect with it, others not – it doesn’t matter.


What does your body mean to you?
A. My body feels like an instrument, say like a musical instrument. (It always needs tuning!) It is my play vehicle that I get to experience this 3D world with.


What do you understand under (do you mean ‘about’) the word body?
A. I think the question could be about ‘bodies’, plural. There are so many dimensions to us. The inner body (physical), the layers of outer bodies (energy and electromagnetic signature that we are putting out), and how we relate to the energies and physical world around us.


How do you think society and modern life affects our bodies and health?
A. I think we have somehow separated ourselves from self initiated love, and have become primarily materialists, looking outside of ourselves for reward. In this way we are more concerned about our physical appearance, instead of our physical and emotional experience. Missing a huge part of who we are and what life is. It has taken me a long time to realize this. This is a problem in nutrition, in allopathic medicine, in all areas of our lives. Additionally, we are bombarded by advertisements for what beauty and success is supposed to look like, that separate us further from who we really are, and dictate what we should be ‘buying’ in order to feel good. When we are happy and content with who we are and the lives we have created, we become poor consumers.


What does the word awareness mean to you?
A. Awareness for me is being able to observe myself (my whole self – physical/energetic) as if from an another person’s view, and be able to change it.


How do you define nutrition? Is it food or maybe more?

A. Nutrition for me means all inputs and outputs: and my perception of them. My job is to make good choices that keep me centered and living from my heart. A good friend who really loves me (sees me) is nutritious.  Nature is nutritious. Taking time to hold respect and reverence for a meal and how it has been grown in the earth and brought to my plate is nutritious. Laughing is nutritious! Creating is nutritious. Dancing and moving my body is nutritious. Touch is nutritious. Gratitude is nutritious. I need all of it to feel whole.

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