10 Views of the Body with Fernanda Miralles

Today with Fernanda Miralles, a yoga teacher with over 10 years of teaching experience, including teaching in the United States, Italy, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay. Fernanda is also a licensed Psycho-motor skills development trainer. Find Fernanada on Instagram at @fernandamirallesyoga

What does this phrase mean to you? 

What does your body mean to you? 

What do you understand by the word “body”?

A. For me the first three questions have more or less the same answer. My body for me is the means that my soul has to be here and now. My body for me is the means that my soul has to be here and now. That is why I take care of it, I value it, I respect him and I love him. And I always seek to be happy with this biological wonder that helps me have an identity.

How do you think that society and modern life affect the body and health?
A. How I am going to allow society and modern life to affect my body is up to me. Throughout the history of mankind there have always been adverse circum- stances for the body that has a natural process of wear and tear.

Surely the incorporation of new technologies has generated both good and bad for health. It is up to each person what they choose.

What does the word “consciousness” mean to you?

A. I prefer to summarize it in two simple words – “Be present.”

How would you define the concept of “nutrition”? Is it just about food, or does it have to do with something else?
A. At some point I remember telling you and your group during training that nutritional training is everything that does us good and helps us to be better in any area. So that said, for me nutrition is not only about food but also about the readings that I read of the projects I have. From my capacity for discernment in the face of situations and the media, from the movies or music that I choose to listen to, from the people I choose to accompany me in life.

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