10 Views of the Body with Dr. Darío Bronfman

Today we speak to Dr. Darío Bronfman from Método Bronfman, a doctor of Chiropractic & Homeopathic treatments.

"The more you love your body, the less you need others to approve of it."

What does this quote mean to you?

A. Love of one’s own body is respecting it, accepting it, caring for it, treating it with tenderness and compassion. Every signal our body emits is a message to us, that somehow we are not hearing ourselves.

What does your body mean to you?
A. Our body is our best ally, because it always tells us the truth, only it speaks through symptoms. The more deaf we are to it, the louder it speaks to us, even if its message takes us to the grave.


What do you understand under the word body?
A. The body is the physical structure that we build to go through this vital experience. We incarnate through it. And we will leave it, when we disincarnate. That is why we must take care of it and thank it. Without it, we don’t stretch out on this plane.


How do you think that society and modern life affects our bodies & health?
A. The need for someone else’s approval is the compensation for a low self-approval, or a low confidence in self-approval. It is usually more associated with the achievement of aesthetic goals than functional ones.


What does the word awareness mean to you?
A. Disapproval has to do with the ego. The idea of duality. The good and the bad, and approval with love of self, true self-love. Today’s society still vibrates in the world of the ego. Duality, good and bad, cute and ugly, approved and disapproved, etc. According to this paradigm, approval comes from outside, and health too. And so, they are never reached, because both are built from within.


How you define nutrition? Is it just food or maybe more?
A. We are nourished by food, education, good conversations and readings, which help us change our perspectives and ways of understanding and living life, good company, good times, good pampering, good self-care, etc. Living nourishes us, and learning from what we have lived.


Art: @_dinka_kartinka_