10 Views of Our Body with Virginia Vasconi

Today we speak to Virginia Vasconi (Instagram: @VirginiaVasconi ), a professional Tango Dancer & Teacher, instructing and performing worldwide, also involved with Lya in the Art in Motion tango and yoga project. 

What does this quote mean to you?
A. It stands for Authenticity. It means love and acceptance for who I am, internally and externally, appreciation and respect for my being.

What does your body mean to you? / What do you understand under the word body?
A. It is my treasure, it is the means of mobility, the machine I have to experience life in all senses. It is what allows me to do what I love and I am deeply grateful to it for allowing me to develop my profession. It is the means I have to express who I want to be. That is why I take care of it, pamper it, nurture and love it.

How do you think that society and modern life affects our bodies & health?
A. It depends on how much each one lets society and modern life affect them. I believe that the internal and external care of the body is a personal responsibility. If I don’t do it, no one can do it for me, regardless of time and space.

What does the word awareness mean to you?
A. It means being present in the Here and Now.

How you define nutrition? Is it just food or maybe more?
A. Body and spiritual nutrition. Both go hand in hand, they are complementary and extremely necessary. Food is not just food, it is also love, appreciation, physical care, exercise, attention and health that I give myself.

Art: @_dinka_kartinka