Private Sessions

Let's go deeply into you and your body to formulate winnable challenges and correct longstanding issues, making your practice deeper, faster, better.

"Lya's yoga classes have changed my body and my dance. She is also very loving and encourages you towards more. I really recommend the classes of yoga and tango with Move to Create!"
Daniela S.
Buenos Aires, Argentina
"Your instruction has had a wonderful impact on my life, which I am so grateful for."
Charles L.
Victoria, BC, Canada
In search of a healthy an organic approach to movement, we need to understand the body with all the structural changes that it has experience through life, work or other reasons. Postural anomalies can cause the body axis misalignment and as Tango sometimes requires advanced skills, due to balance on one foot and due to the dance with an other, for example, it’s important to work on 3 key elements:

  • Get strength in your center to help to hold your axis and understand your gravity line
  • Base of support: your feet! We need to get flexibility and strenght in feet and legs to help you to support your body
  • Hip Alignment: if there is a misalignment in you pelvis, the center of pressure in your feet changes and your spine is most likely misaligned, which makes it hard to get into a comfortable embrace.
Private classes are available in English, Spanish and German.  

Why Private Sessions? A private session will be designed exactly for you and your schedule, your needs and wishes for your body, and you can receive benefits from specific work on postures. If you need special attention, you are able to ask many more questions.

Group Classes

Dance Your Flow Class Series - Tango & Yoga

We work on body awareness, alignment and anatomy of movement through yoga exercises. This is mixed with other dance techniques that focus on breathing, muscle relaxation and the use of gravity and momentum to facilitate efficient movement. Ask for personalized community online group classes: let's talk about the needs of your community.

The classes are divided into three parts:

  • Body conditioning through yoga exercises
  • Specific tango step or movement
  • Stretch & relaxation

If you would like an idea of what the classes are like, please take a look at the following classes-on-demand previews:
Session 1: Glutes & Hamstrings
Session 2: Strong Feet & Balance
Session 3: Shoulder Mobility Chest Opener


  • WEDNESDAY: 7PM (GMT -3) / 6PM (ET) / 11PM (GMT) In -person Hatha Dynamic Yoga online live from El Metejón, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Contact me to sign up!

Comfort, Awareness, Joy

I believe yoga helps us create the quiet, still background from which the dance of life emerges.

It offers a positive challenge in which you learn more about you each session. And where the glow in your eyes, skin and heart comes from. Where self-awareness enters, the body can take better care of itself instead of the mind wanting to control it.

Combining concepts from dance science, ancient yoga and modern biomechanics, see yourself and your body deeply, quickly, from multiple angles.

"Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self." --
The Bhagavad Gita

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